Does the Right Mailbox Enhance Curb Appeal

Traditional style will never fade. Whether it’s a classic Hamptons-esque facade or a topiary garden fit for a queen, a time-honored exterior is a sure way to keep your home fashionable for years to come. While landscaping, simple paint colors or traditional fencing can make all the difference, choosing the right mailbox style adds that perfect cherry on top to your traditional curb appeal. Revive your classic home’s aesthetic with a mailbox that suits its timeless character, and you’ll be on your way to becoming the most talked about home on the block. Here are a few styles to choose from.

1. Post

┬áNothing says “traditional” more than a classic mailbox post. Reminiscent of the early days when mailboxes were mounted on lampposts, this doubles as a standalone lawn decoration fitting for many traditional homes. Available in everything from elaborate Victorian-era filigree to a classic Craftsman Revival, there’s a style for every type of traditional home. The beauty of the mailbox post is its ability to be placed anywhere within walking distance. Post it at the end of a driveway or next to a walkway entrance – the location is yours for the picking!

2. Wall-Mounted

Give your entry a proper facelift with a wall-mounted mailbox. With its classic detailing and convenient placement, this mailbox is the perfect porch accent. Coordinate with the exterior of your home by going with a contrasting finish. Bold finishes can stand out and add curb appeal, while more subtle finishes can fit perfectly with nearby decor and accessories. Choose a black and polished brass mailbox for a timeless look, or go with cherry red for a retro look that will bring a smile to any visitor at your door.

3. Door Slot

A mail slot is quintessentially timeless. If your front door can accommodate a mail slot, it’s a sleek way to keep your mail safe and out of the elements. While a mail slot doesn’t work for all households, this choice is beneficial for those who want easier access to their mail and deliveries. Add some brass bling to a sturdy oak door with a classic mail slot, or go for a borderline transitional look with a simple nickel slot.

4. Built-In

For those who want a more drastic change to their curb appeal, a built-in mailbox could be an ideal choice. Constructing either a wood or masonry fence around your front yard will not only add some classic appeal to your traditional home, but it’s an easy way to add a built-in mailbox as well. This style is also an ideal choice for frequent online shoppers, as you can install a locking built-in that safely holds small- and medium-sized packages until you get home.

5. Post-Mount

If you already have an existing post and are looking for a simple upgrade, a post-mount mailbox is the way to go. Whether you’re looking for additional embellishment or want a simpler style, this mailbox is an easy switch that can make a world of difference to your curb appeal. Your mailbox is one of the first things guests notice when they arrive at your home, so replacing your basic box with an elegant one adds just the right amount of oomph.

6. Pedestal

A mailbox doesn’t need to be attached to a wall or at the end of your driveway. Have fun with a pedestal mailbox floated near a walkway or entry. A traditional pedestal mailbox with intricate detailing and classic gold embossing is a sure way to add timeless flair without dedicating yourself to a construction project or risking missteps with the bolts and screws. A movable pedestal mailbox also provides the ease of flexibility. If you suddenly want to put a potted plant where your mailbox is, it’s a convenient fix. Looking to overhaul your front yard and need to relocate the mailbox? Done.

What kind of mailbox are you eyeing for your traditional home?


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